About Our Emblem

Quite early in CLAN’s history a member suggested we take the Waterlily as our emblem. Another CLAN member  then wrote a poem to celebrate how appropriate this flower is to our experiences, for as she explains:

"The Water Lily draws its sustenance from the mire, grows upwards to the light, holding its head above the water very proudly, and takes its energy from the rays of sunlight and blossoms into a flower of exquisite perfume. Uplifting concept for our heads to be held high!"



The Water Lily


The flower symbolises and depicts
The pain of loss
The pain of abandonment
The pain of suffering
The pain of sorrow and of grief
The pain - beyond belief
Homes - wards of the state - parentless children
Children placed in substitute care
Children placed in permanent care
The stolen children both indigenous and fair
Have on thing in common
This pain they share
Like the Lotus Flower
Overcoming tremendous odds...
Yet surviving.

Those of us however sensitive and frail
Share a unqiue legacy of struggle
Sustainability and sincerity
A courage and compassion too
A profound understanding and acceptance
For the human spirit within me and you
That connects each and everyone of us as a family -
As a CLAN.

For the bud to truly blossom and bloom
All that we need to do now
Is honour each other's journey and story
With our own warmth and compassion
Our dedication and determination
To support and uphold each other
In this our ultimate challenge
Then we will discover, nurture
And finally bring forth.



Water Lily image by Peter Norton, © 2003