How CLAN can help you

CLAN offers support to individuals who have been a State Ward, Home child or foster child in Australia, or whose parents or other family members have had this experience. We help by listening to each other and being able to understand what it feels like to have been placed in 'care'.

CLAN also offers face to face (if in NSW) and FREE telephone counselling to members and non-members. This service is also available to family members of Care Leavers. This is a free service as we call your landline.

We publish a bi-monthly newsletter sent to all our members and we welcome personal stories, some examples of which are featured on this website under our resources section.

We can help you to obtain your ward file or get information about your Home and you may advertise at no cost in the newsletter to help locate lost family members, or people you remember from your Home and would like to contact.

CLAN can also write letters of support for Centrelink, priority housing and other issues for members and can also refer you to other services that may assist you.

As a member you can borrow from our library, where we have a wide array of books, videos, DVDs, audio tapes, research material and media articles which you may find of interest or useful in helping you deal with issues like abandonment, growing up without your own family, and the effects of institutionalisation.

Please email or write to us at the addresses on the contact page if you wish to borrow from the library.

CLAN members hold regular socials every couple of months in all states, where you can talk to others who have had similar experiences or just enjoy one other's company. Once you are a member you will receive the newsletter, which has details of upcoming socials in all states.  The newsletter will also give you news of forthcoming reunions of Homes across Australia.


If you would like to enquire about any of these services please contact CLAN on 1800 008 774

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