Join CLAN New Zealand

Q. Do you live in NZ now?

Q. Are you a care leaver?
(by this we mean were you placed in care as a child or youth - either in NZ or any other overseas country?)

If you answered yes to both questions you are eligible to apply to join the newly-formed NZ branch of CLAN and attend our meetings and social get-togethers.

Membership of CLAN is open to any person who grew up in an orphanage, institution or children's home, as a State Ward, home child or in foster care (or who has a close family relative who is a care leaver). Our members are spread across the world. We support anyone who grew up in a home or institutionalised 'care', regardless of your background or your heritage.
We welcome everyone.

All NZ branch members must apply for membership to the main Australian CLAN group by downloading and filling in a membership form and posting it to CLAN in Australia with AU$20 Overseas Membership Fee (due annually 30th June).  Please remember to pay your membership only in Australian dollars.

Note: The NZ branch does not charge any additional membership fees.



CLAN Membership NZ        $20.00        

Due to PayPal Processing costs. Online payments include a $1.00 fee.   


Do not forget to;

Scan and Email to admin@clan, 


Post to;  

PO Box 164

Georges Hall NSW 2198 

A completed copy of CLAN's membership form once your Online Payment has been made. 



What the NZ Branch offers:

Netta Christian from Hamilton is the initiator and co-ordinator of the brand-new NZ branch and has made it her lifetime ambition to see this group grow and flourish. There are no other services for older care leavers provided either by the government or by the agencies in NZ which ran Homes in the past.

Netta can be contacted by email or leave a message or text on 022 1918 713 and Netta will return the call.

Netta, now a widowed grandmother, was made a state ward at 6 months old and was placed in foster care with her brother, a year older. Netta experienced physical, psychological and sexual abuse while in foster care and in 2011 she contacted the NZ Herald about her story. Netta has since written a book about her traumatic childhood, “Stolen Lives – NZ Foster Child’s Stories from the 40s and 50s”

As time goes on and NZ membership grows, we plan to start addressing issues like justice and redress. We also envisage having a NZ counselling service available at some point. In fact we will eventually be set up in NZ to do everything the Australian group does.

In the meantime we can offer you information, understanding, emotional support, networking and friendship. We hold informal meetings and social get-togethers every couple of months - where you can talk to others who have had similar experiences or just enjoy one another's company. These are held in Hamilton at the moment but they will spread to other centres as the need arises.  

Once you are a NZ member you will receive the bi-monthly CLANICLE newsletter which has details of upcoming social get-togethers.  The newsletter will also give you news of forthcoming reunions of Homes.

You are welcome to contribute your personal stories to the CLANICLE or advertise at no cost to help locate lost family members, or people you remember from your Home and would like to contact.

As a NZ member you can also borrow from the Australian library, where there is a wide array of books, videos, DVDs, audio tapes, research material and media articles which you may find of interest or useful in helping you deal with issues like abandonment, growing up without your own family, and the effects of institutionalisation. Note: there is an additional annual Library Fee of AU$10 plus all postages involved.

As a NZ branch member you will be a fully-fledged member of CLAN and you can contact them or visit them while in Australia.
Telephone: 0425-204-747

Please send all mail to:
PO Box 164
Georges Hall
Sydney 2198
NSW, Australia


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