Broken Rites Victim Support Group

This is a non-denominational support group for people who have been abused sexually, physically or emotionally in religious institutions. These institutions include parishes, church schools, church youth clubs and church-affiliated Children's Homes. The offenders may be priests, ministers, religious brothers, church-school teachers, lay officials or other church personnel.

Broken Rites offers support and advocacy for victims throughout the justice process. It operates throughout Australia, with a network of contacts in all states. Broken Rites is non-profit and unfunded, relying on donations.

Broken Rites advises that:

‘It is never too late to report sexual abuse. However, it is important that people should report these offences to a victims group such as Broken Rites. Broken Rites will advise a victim about all the options available for obtaining justice.’

Address:    Broken Rites (Aust.) Collective Inc. PO Box 163 Rosanna VIC 3084 Australia
Phone:       (03) 9457 4999
Web site:

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