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Apology from:Shared Government and Church Apology

Regarding:South Australian Inquiry 19 Mar 2008 Shared Government and Church Apology to those harmed in State Care in South Australia during their Childhood We the Government of South Australia and the Churches recognize that some children and young people who were placed in our care suffered abuse that has impacted on their lives. This should…
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Apology from:Premier, The Hon. Mike Rann

Regarding: 17 Jun 2008 On 17 June 2008, South Australia issued a formal apology to those who suffered or witnessed abuse or neglect in State care. The apology took the form of a motion moved by the Premier, the Hon. Mike Rann, in the State legislative assembly. The wording on the apology parchment was slightly…
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Apology from:Canadian Prime Minister

Regarding: 11 Jun 2008 On 11 June 2008, the Canadian Prime Minister offered a full apology on behalf of Canadians for the Indian Residential Schools system. The treatment of children in Indian Residential Schools is a sad chapter in our history. For more than a century, Indian Residential Schools separated over 150,000 Aboriginal children from…
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