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Child Sex Offender Given Top Welfare Job Despite History of Allegations

15th April 2019  |  Joanne McCarthy  |  The Sydney Morning Herald   Child sex allegations followed Frank Valentine from one child welfare job to another until the mid-1980s when he was named Department of Youth and Community Services operations manager for the Hunter, or second-in-charge. Valentine, 78, would "go ballistic" about staff who asked why…
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Fixing the National Redress Scheme

23rd March 2019  |  Judy Courtin  |  The Saturday Paper   Although I have worked with victims of institutional abuse and their families for more than 12 years, initially through my doctoral research into sexual assault and the Catholic Church and more recently as a lawyer, I could never have imagined the fall of George…
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Pell sentence disappointing for some

13th March 2019  |  Australian Associated Press     Some child abuse survivors and their supporters say Cardinal George Pell's six-year jail term is disappointing, but others believe it is a considerable sentence that sends a strong global message. Pell's surviving victim did not want to comment on the sentence itself but, through his lawyer, described…
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