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Apology from:Shared Government and Church Apology

Regarding:South Australian Inquiry 19 Mar 2008 Shared Government and Church Apology to those harmed in State Care in South Australia during their Childhood We the Government of South Australia and the Churches recognize that some children and young people who were placed in our care suffered abuse that has impacted on their lives. This should…
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Apology from:CLAN President, Jim Luthy Response to Salvation Army Apology

Regarding:Salvation Army Apology 07 Dec 2010 The Apology - Response to Salvation Army Apology - By Jim Luthy, President of CLAN In the 1940’s – 1970’s Australia experienced a time of great prosperity and economic growth. The Second World War had just ended and the country was in the middle of a population boom. Things had…
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Apology from:Anglican Church of Australia

Regarding:Senate Inquiry 01 Apr 2010 That this General Synod: 1. Notes that a report on Australians who experienced institutional or out-of-home care as children – the Forgotten Australians report – has been prepared by the Senate Community Affairs References CommitteThat this General Synod: 2. Notes that the report calls on governments, churches and agencies to…
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