Former boss of Parramatta Girls Training School convicted of 20 child sex offences

Frank Valentine has today been convicted of 20 sex offences.

“Piece of s**t,” one of his victims said outside court.

“I’ve been waiting 45 years for this day.”

The man, 59, was just 14 when he was raped by Valentine at Daruk and in Valentine’s own home. The violent rape only ended when Valentine’s wife, Maris, returned home in her car, the District Court was told.

Father-of-five Valentine was convicted of four counts of rape, three of buggery, 11 indecent assaults and assault against six victims, five of them young girls.

Judge Nicole Noman, who heard the trial as a judge sitting alone without a jury, rejected Valentine’s claims that some of the victims had made their claims up to get compensation from the government and others had mistaken him for other guards.

His sexual assaults were revealed during the child sex abuse royal commission.

Valentine was granted strict bail to appear for sentence at Cambelltown District Court on May 24.

He had pleaded not guilty and was supported in court by his wife and some of his children.

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