Heavenly Wish After Living Hell

AT four years of age I was made a ward of the state in Victoria.

Around the age of eight I was sent to a Salvation Army home where I was both physically and sexually abused.

To this day I still fight my demons. I have been the kind of victim perpetrators like -a silent one.

I have never asked for, nor received compensation for the crimes committed against me, nor have I sought retribution on the people who committed these crimes, or those who covered them up.

On reporting one case of sexual abuse, we were told if we continued to lie we would be severely punished. These people were proficient at severe punishment, and we never complained again.

Indeed, it seemed their only concern was for the welfare of the paedophile, and we were told the poor man's marriage may break down due to us!

Let the Salvos and the State Government squabble over blame, responsibility and compensation. I take some solace in my firm belief that hell holds a special place for all those involved.

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