Q.  As a child, have you lived in ANY type of ‘out-of-home care’ (e.g. foster care, children’s home, orphanage etc. etc.) either in Aotearoa/New Zealand or overseas?

Q.  Do you live in Aotearoa/New Zealand now or have you ever lived there?

If you answered yes to both questions, you are welcome to join other New Zealand Care Leavers who have set up a New Zealand branch of CLAN, and attend our meetings and social get-togethers.


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There are no other New Zealand services for adult Care Leavers provided either by the New Zealand Government or the agencies in New Zealand, which ran homes in the past.


Netta Christian, from Hamilton, who started the NZ group, was made a State ward at six months and placed in foster care with her brother, a year older. Netta experienced physical, psychological and sexual abuse while in foster care. Netta has since written a book about her traumatic childhood, which was published in 2014 “Stolen Lives – a NZ Foster Child’s Story from the ‘40s and ‘50s”


CLAN NZ works for justice and redress for NZ Care Leavers and can offer information, understanding, emotional support, networking and friendship. We support anyone who grew up in a home, foster home or institutionalised 'care', regardless of their background or their heritage. We hold informal meetings and social get-togethers every couple of months, where you can talk to others who have had similar experiences or just enjoy each other's company.

We all receive bi-monthly emailed CLANICLE newsletters, with current information regarding Royal Commissions, redress, justice and other Care Leaver issues from both Australia and New Zealand. Also details of upcoming social get-togethers.  All Clannies are welcome to contribute their personal stories to the CLANICLE or advertise at no cost to help locate lost family members, or people they remember from their home or orphanage that they would like to re-connect with. Contact for more information.



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CLAN NZ has been working hard lobbying and advocating for a Royal Commission of Inquiry in NZ ever since the NZ branch was first launched at a public meeting on Saturday 18th Feb 2012 at Outhwaite Hall in Grafton, Auckland.


At long last, on 20th Oct 2017, Jacinda Ardern, the newly elected Labour Prime Minister, announced that "setting up an inquiry into the abuse of children in state care" was one of the sixteen issues in Labour's 100-day-plan.


However, in response to a number of significant concerns we had about the proposed scope of the inquiry, on 17th Nov 2017, CLAN NZ issued a press release outlining our concerns.


On 1st Feb 2018, the establishment of the “Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care” was formally announced by the Government. The Chief Commissioner is a former Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand. It is expected to take a minimum of 3 years and will cost $12 million in the first year. It is the largest and most expensive Royal Commission New Zealand has ever had.


On 12th Feb 2018, the Draft Terms of Reference were released for public consultation.$file/Royal-Commission-Terms-of-Reference-for-consultation.pdf


On 14th and 15th Feb 2018, four CLAN representatives attended a two-day Hui in Wellington at Victoria University, along with 50 other care leavers, survivors, lawyers, researchers, practitioners working in the care/justice/health sectors, media professionals, academics, activists and advocates etc. It was set up to critically examine the Draft Terms of Reference and was hosted by the Aotearoa New Zealand Centre for Indigenous Peoples; the New Zealand Centre for Human Rights Law, Policy and Practice; and the Institute of Criminology School of Social and Cultural Studies.

On 30th March 2018, the dedicated Royal Commission website was launched  and further submissions on the Draft Terms of Reference were called for, with a cut-off date of 30th April 2018.


----CLAN NZ is encouraging you to let Sir Anand know your thoughts asap----


Sir Anand has said, “The Chair of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care, Sir Anand Satyanand invites you to submit your comments on any aspect of the draft Terms of Reference.


He is particularly interested in your views on:


  • the Purpose of the Royal Commission of Inquiry
  • the Scope of the Royal Commission of Inquiry
  • a suitable reference to the Treaty of Waitangi
  • the dates within which the Inquiry should consider people’s experiences of abuse and neglect
  • what constitutes state care
  • any other matters you want the Inquiry to consider


We welcome your views on the draft Terms of Reference. Submissions close on Monday 30th April 2018. Please tell us if you want your submission to remain confidential.


Email your submission:

Or post your submission: PO Box 10071, The Terrace Wellington, 6143

Or use Free Phone: 0800 222 727 “