Q.  As a child, have you lived in ANY type of ‘out-of-home care’ (e.g. foster care, children’s home, orphanage etc. etc.) either in Aotearoa/New Zealand or overseas?

Q.  Do you live in Aotearoa/New Zealand now or have you ever lived there?

If you answered yes to both questions, you are welcome to join other New Zealand Care Leavers who have set up a New Zealand branch of CLAN, and attend our meetings and social get-togethers.


TO JOIN CLAN NZ: Simply join up to the Australasian CLAN group using a CLAN Membership Application Form Download 'here'.


Payment can either be posted or made by Direct Debit or PayPal on the CLAN website here

NOTE: Membership expires 30th June each year and needs to be renewed annually. As the NZ branch does not charge any additional membership fees, by joining CLAN you have automatically become a CLAN NZ member.


Please contact us at if you wish to receive news and information on CLAN NZ happenings.








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Community Agencies



Funded Groups




Due to PayPal Processing costs. Online payments have a $1.00 fee included.


As soon as your Online Payment has been made - do not forget to either Post (or Scan & Email) your completed details on a CLAN membership form (including the signed Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Agreement on the reverse).  Otherwise we will not know where your payment has come from.


Email to:

Or post to:     

PO Box 164
Georges Hall, NSW 2198

A completed copy of CLAN's membership form once your Online Payment has been made. 

What Does CLAN NZ Offer?

What Does CLAN NZ Do?