Joining CLAN

CLAN is funded by members' contributions, donations, and small grants, so we need your support to ensure that CLAN continues to operate.

Membership of CLAN is open to any person who grew up in an Orphanage, Institution or Children's Home, as a State Ward, Home Child or in foster care. Or who has a close family relative who is a care leaver. Our members are spread across Australia, New Zealand and the world.

We support anyone who grew up in a Home or institutionalized 'care', regardless of your background or your heritage.

We welcome everyone. We set memberships for Care Leavers at the lowest possible cost – as set out below.

We also have other types of memberships – also set out below.

So that our records are accurate and up-to-date, please complete and sign a membership form and send it to CLAN along with your membership fees.

You can download the form by clicking on membership form.

Please send your completed form to or by post to:

PO Box 164

Georges Hall, NSW 2198

You can pay your fees using the Paypal buttons below or send us a cheque or money.



CLAN Membership Fees 


Care Leavers (Pensioner)



Care Leavers (Employed)



Friends of CLAN









Government/Past Providers



Community Agencies



Funded Groups



Due to PayPal Processing costs. Online payments have a $1.00 fee included.   

Please note: if you wish to borrow items from the CLAN Library, there is an additional annual fee of $10.00 to cover our postage costs.

All membership rates (in Australian dollars) are payable yearly from 1st July to 30th June.

Due to Paypal processing costs, online payments have a $1.00 fee included.

CLAN is funded by members' contributions, donations, and small grants, so we need your assistance to ensure that CLAN continues to operate.

If you pay by cheque or money order, please make your cheque or money order payable to CLAN INC.

All members of CLAN must adhere by CLAN's Code of Conduct which can be viewed HERE.

If members do not respect and follow the Code of Conduct, CLAN’s committee will reconsider the individual’s membership.

Don’t forget:

Scan and e-mail a completed Membership Form to 


Post to:

PO Box 164

Georges Hall, NSW 2198