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Legal Aid assists socially and economically disadvantaged people to understand and protect their rights. One of the functions of the legal system is to safeguard people's rights. The legal system can only perform this protective role if people have equitable access to it.

The justice system is not accessible to everybody. Financially disadvantaged people, disabled people, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and those who are institutionalised experience particular difficulties. Legal Aid NSW plays a special role in improving access to justice by providing a range of legal service to these disadvantaged people, with special emphasis on these target groups.

Legal Aid NSW also works with LawAccess NSW, Community Legal Centres, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, and private lawyers to provide legal services to people throughout New South Wales. In 2007-2008, 47.2% of our case and duty services were provided by private lawyers.

Legal Aid provides free legal advice and minor assistance at our city central office and 21 regional offices, numerous advice clinics located in various metropolitan and country centres, and specialist services. In 2007-2008 Legal Aid provided 641,884 client services including representation, legal advice, information and community legal education. If more than legal advice is needed, Legal Aid may be able to provide legal representation.

Legal Aid provides grants of legal aid for many civil, family, criminal, administrative law, mental health and veteran's matters. For most services clients must meet our means and merit tests. Also they usually have to pay some money towards the cost of their case. In some cases clients repay the full cost of their case when it is finalised.


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