Legal Aid Western Australia

Contact Legal Aid WA on 1300 650 579

Legal Aid Western Australia is an independent statutory body set up by the Legal Aid Commission Act 1976.

Legal Aid Western Australia provides information, advice and other legal help. The type and amount of help you will get depends on your finances, your legal problem and our resources.

Information services: through our telephone information line, community legal education, this website and a range of publications and kits.

Legal advice: through our duty lawyers at court or legal advice sessions, either face to face, over the telephone or by video conference to people in remote areas.

Minor assistance: through solicitors or paralegal advisors who can help you negotiate, write letters, draft documents or prepare to represent yourself in court.

Legal representation: through lawyers working for Legal Aid as well as private lawyers. Only people with incomes and assets below a certain level get their own lawyer.

We also provide specialist services through our:

* Child Support Legal Unit
* Domestic Violence Legal Unit
* Immigration Service
* YouthLaw Unit
* Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit
* Corruption and Crime Commission Representation Fund
* Children's Court (Protection) Services

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