Legal Services Commission SA

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Free legal advice is available to any person on most legal matters. The role of the legal adviser is to identify the client's problem, to inform the client of their rights and obligations and to help them understand what course(s) of action can be taken. The adviser may also draft letters for clients and where appropriate, write letters on their behalf.

Examples of the areas on which Legal Services Commission can offer advice are:

* All aspects of family law including referrals for child support advice and dispute resolution
* Criminal law - in particular, minor offences where there is no risk of imprisonment such as traffic matters. We can also provide assistance with guilty pleas, negotiations with police prosecutions and liaison with the duty solicitor service.
* Motor vehicle accidents - in particular, property damage claims and assistance for uninsured drivers
* Assistance with legal aid applications
* Debts and bankruptcy
* Consumer issues
* Neighbour and fencing disputes
* Applying for or defending restraining orders
* Unfair dismissal applications
* Minor civil claims

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