Orphanage Survivors - A true story of St Johns, Thurgoona

Howard C Jones

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Former girls of St John’s Orphanage tell heartbreaking stories of separation from families and how they were treated while in the care of the Sisters of Mercy. They describe punishment and humiliation, the poor food, the cold dormitories and the almost unbelievable tasks they performed for little girls, from scrubbing floors with toothbrushes to milking cows before the 7am Mass. Happier times are also recalled and two of the best-loved nuns’ memories are recorded.

A special section is devoted to the shameful episode in Australia’s migration history that saw 22 British girls shipped around the world to become part of St John’s Orphanage in1950 after being virtually stolen from orphanages.  

The book, with many pictures, is the first full history of the home from its opening in 1882 to closure in 1978.  

Many thanks to Howard for acknowledging CLAN in his book.

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