Our Name: Care Leavers Australia Network

People have asked why we have called our organisation Care Leavers Australia Network.  Although not everybody can identify with the term 'Care Leaver', it does describe what we are: people who grew up in what was called 'care', outside of our families, but who now have left that 'care'.

It is difficult to think of another term that would include all of us: state wards, foster children, Home children, and sometimes we were all three.

When we began, we had just heard about the British group which formed in September 2000 with their first meeting in Manchester, England. They call themselves The Care Leavers' Association UK.

Care Leavers Assocation

We decided that we would like to be linked with this group because their issues are the same as ours, and the feelings and the memories are the same. We are united worldwide by our past. We wrote to CLA in the UK and asked if we could use a similar name to theirs, and they were pleased that we wanted to.

CLA (UK) can be contacted at:

Suite F113,
23 New Mount Street,
Manchester, M4 4DE


Tel 0161 953 4047

About CLAN

Member's Section of CLAN's Website:

 If you wish to download a CLAN membership form click HERE or contact the CLAN office
As a member of CLAN you can access the member's section of this website for the latest news, information on socials and reunions and photographs.

Please note you need to be a Care Leaver member of CLAN to login to the member's section.

Your login details include your username which is your email address and YOU need to provide CLAN with a password (preferably 6 characters long with a number).

To login please forward your username and desired password to admin@clan.org.au and we will log you in as soon as possible.


Contact CLAN:

By telephone: 1800 008 774
or 0425-204-747

Email: support@clan.org.au

Please send all mail to:
PO Box 164 Georges Hall,
NSW, 2198

The CLAN office is at:
463 Chapel Road
Bankstown 2200.

If you are interested in joining CLAN please contact CLAN and tell us your postal address.

We will send you an old newsletter and a membership form which has information on what we do.


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