Following is the current situation by state for redress for older care leavers. Please click on the more link (where applicable) for further information.

Western Australia
On 17 December 2007, the former Western Australian Government announced the $114 million Redress WA Scheme for those adults who, as children, were abused and/or neglected in WA State care in Western Australia. The scheme opened IN May 2008 and will be closing April 30 2009. ... more
Last updated: 31/12/2013
In 2003, the Tasmanian Ombudsman conducted a review into claims of abuse in care. A redress scheme was opened in 2007 and closed mid 2005. The Government reopened the scheme in 2008 for 3 months and it is now open ended without a close date ... more
Last updated: 31/12/2013
The Queensland Government created a redress scheme after the Forde Inquiry into institutional care of children was held in 1998-99. Eligible applicants received an ex gratia payment, ranging from $7,000 up to $40,000. ... more
Last updated: 31/12/2013
South Australia
The SA Government conducted an inquiry into sexual abuse and deaths in State care. A Redress Taskforce was set up to investigate options of a redress scheme and were due to report in December 2008. As yet the taskforce has not announced whether they will open a redress scheme, nor who would be covered by the scheme.
Last updated: 31/12/2013
The Victorian Government's position on abuse in state care is that it should be seen on a case by case basis- meaning care leavers would have to go through the court system and relive their abuse and trauma. There are also issues around statute of limitations as many cases of the abuse occurred decades ago. CLAN has been running Silent Protests every month in Victoria to try to gain justice for Victorian care leavers. For more information go the Protest section of the website.
Last updated: 31/12/2013
New South Wales
NSW Government refuses to either conduct an inquiry into past abuse of children in state care nor set up a redress scheme. CLAN is currently lobbying the NSW Government on this issue. Read on for radical laws to deliver justice to victims of sex abuse considered by the Keneally Government. ... more
Last updated: 31/12/2013

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