Following is the current situation by state for redress for older care leavers. Please click on the more link (where applicable) for further information.

  • New South Wales

    NSW Government refuses to either conduct an inquiry into past abuse of children in state care nor set up a redress scheme. CLAN is currently lobbying the NSW Government on this issue.Read on for radical laws to deliver justice to victims of sex abuse ...

    Last Updated:31 December 2013

  • Queensland

    The Queensland Government created a redress scheme after the Forde Inquiry into institutional care of children was held in 1998-99. Eligible applicants received an ex gratia payment, ranging from $7,000 up to $40,000

    Last Updated:31 December 2013

  • South Australia

    The SA Government conducted an inquiry into sexual abuse and deaths in State care. A Redress Taskforce was set up to investigate options of a redress scheme and were due to report in December 2008. As yet the taskforce has not announced whether they ...

    Last Updated:31 December 2013

  • Tasmania

    In 2003, the Tasmanian Ombudsman conducted a review into claims of abuse in care. A redress scheme was opened in 2007 and closed mid 2005. The Government reopened the scheme in 2008 for 3 months and it is now open ended without a close ...

    Last Updated:31 December 2013

  • Victoria

    The Victorian Government's position on abuse in state care is that it should be seen on a case by case basis- meaning care leavers would have to go through the court system and relive their abuse and trauma. There are also issues around statute ...

    Last Updated:31 December 2013

  • Western Australia

    On 17 December 2007, the former Western Australian Government announced the $114 million Redress WA Scheme for those adults who, as children, were abused and/or neglected in WA State care in Western Australia. The scheme opened IN May 2008 and will be closing April ...

    Last Updated:31 December 2013