Thank You & Acknowledgements

Thank You

CLAN would like to thank the following people for their encouragement and support for the Federal Apology and their continuous support to CLAN.

A very special thank you to co-founder of CLAN, Joanna Penglase. who worked with CLAN for the first 5 years on a volunteer basis and helped establish an organization that was in the forefront of this social justice issue.



CLAN would like to thank all of our Patrons for their ongoing support!

A special thank you to the Geelong Advertiser's Danny Lannen for his continuous coverage of this social justice issue over the years and his great publicity of CLAN.
Thank you, Geelong Addy.

Published in Geelong Advertiser, written by Leonie Sheedy after the National Apology

"I am writing on behalf of CLAN to say a sincere thanks to the Geelong Advertiser for the coverage they gave in the lead up and beyond to the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s and Malcolm Turnbull’s apology to us, the Remembered Australians.


Senator Steve Hutchins - Senator for NSW where without him there would not have been an Inquiry.

This is a small biography of Senator Steve Hutchins from the Sunday Telegraph:

Age: 54

Served: 12 years

Career: A forklift driver and university graduate who rose through union ranks to become federal president of the Transport Workers Union.

Highlights: Hutchins chaired an inquiry into Australia's forgotten children, which resulted in Kevin Rudd delivering an apology on behalf of the nation.


Thank you to Elaine, NSW CLAN member who paid for our first badges ever many, many years ago



Thank you to Rev. Bill Crews for his support over 10 years ago and Rev. Chris Albany for his continuous support.

Thank you to Elton Humphries and the wonderful team of the Senate Inquiry.


And a very special thank you to all members for their continuous support over the years!