Wattle Place

Wattle Place is a service for Forgotten Australians funded by the NSW state government. People who were in care in NSW up to the 1990’s can access the service, no matter where they live now.
The main things the service can help with is paid through brokerage funding, which covers the following:
Counselling in addition to sessions available through Medicare Dental Treatment when services in the public health system aren’t available quickly enough Medical and Psychological Reports when they can’t be funded through Medicare or Mental Health Services.

Victim Impact Statements where assistance can’t be provided through Legal Aid
Books and Materials needed for literacy and numeracy courses, or vocational and recreational training
One-off accommodation establishment costs for those who have been homeless or in detention
Assistance with things to help obtain work such as uniforms, extra training, fares to attend job interviews
Travel to attend family reunions.

Lifeskills Workshops and Activities including referrals to personal development programs
If you want to find out more about the service or how to access these things, ring 1800 663 844.
Then if you decide to register with the service, one of the workers will talk with you about what you need and how the service might be able to help you and/or your immediate family.

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