Where Does Your Money Go

Each newsletter costs $1.25 to print and another 55c for postage. This amounts to $1.80. Over a year, CLAN prints and posts 6 newsletters to members all around Australia and overseas. For Australian members this equals to $10.80 and for overseas members the postage price is much higher.

These costs are only for the printing and posting and does not take into consideration the intensive labour and time costs to coordinate the bi-monthly newsletter.

In addition, CLAN provides a telephone, email and in-person information, support, and advocacy network for all Care Leavers and their families, assists with access to relevant historical files and personal care records and makes services available during business hours and through the CLAN website, bi-monthly newsletter, brochures and socials.

The varying memberships help keep CLAN running:


$10 (Care Leaver Pensioners/Unwaged)


$20 (Care Leaver Employed)


$25 (Friends of CLAN)


$50 (Researcher)


$100 (Funded Groups)


$200 (Government Department/Past Providers)


We hope this information will help you to understand why CLAN needs to charge a fee