Homes & Orphanages

About Homes & Orphanages

CLAN continues to conduct research into orphanages, children's Homes and other institutions that Australia once had.

This section of our site is devoted to Children's Homes and Orphanages. We have been collecting photos of Homes and other memorabilia, including facts and other information to build the biggest database within Australia. Here you can search for your Home by name or address, or look by state, by clicking on the states above.

Many of our members have now been able to trace back through their past, identifying where they were placed and have been able to make contact with lost friends and even relatives. On this page, you can search to find your Home and to see which Homes are listed through CLAN.

If you were in one of these Homes, you may be able to make contact with someone you knew or attend reunions. We are listing as many Homes as possible, whether or not CLAN members resided there. The aim of this database is to create a comprehensive listing of Homes across Australia, and further afield. To date there is no such listing.



Making contact with others

If other members are looking to make contact with other individuals who resided in the same Home or orphanage, as a CLAN member you can view our 'where are they now' page or, can email CLAN straight away. Please note, no personal details are supplied to others without your permission and no information is provided to non-members under any circumstances. All contact is made through CLAN representatives.



What if my Home is not listed?

If the Home you were in is not listed and you are a member of CLAN, please contact the CLAN office by telephone or email and we will add your Home details as soon as possible.