How You Can Help CLAN

CLAN does not have ongoing funding and members’ contributions and donations (monetary or stamps or resources for our library and National Orphanage Museum) are essential if we are to keep running.


You can help us to:

  • Add to our resources with books for the library. If you have any books which you think would help our members, we would grateful to receive them. Or any news articles, CDs, DVDs or anything you think may be relevant or informative to our members.
  • Build the most comprehensive database of Homes and Orphanages in Australia and elsewhere. We are collecting information, particularly photos, of Children’s Homes to add to our Photo Gallery. If you have any memorabilia, photos, or information, we would love to add them, both online and in the CLAN museum.
  • Build a database of all our members and where they spent their childhoods;  your donation will assist us in this endeavor to make this information widely available to our members.

Your donation and contribution to CLAN can greatly assist our research into the 600+ Orphanages, children’s Homes and other institutions that Australia once had and continue our fight for justice and redress for ALL Australian Care Leavers.