MEDIA RELEASE – South Australia’s Redress For Abuse Survivors Not ‘Adequate’

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Care Leaver Australasia Network (CLAN) disputes the South Australian Attorney-General’s assertion that State Governments are dealing adequately with the issue of Redress for survivors of child abuse committed in Australia’s orphanages, Children’s Homes and Foster Care.

Attorney-General John Rau has questioned the value of a national scheme as recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Mr Rau reportedly said many states and territories, including South Australia, already had compensation schemes for child abuse victims.

CLAN executive officer Leonie Sheedy said there was an urgent need for a National Independent Redress Scheme because compensation provided by states was often inadequate and inconsistent.

“The South Australian Government has a very poor record of delivering fair and equitable Redress to survivors of abuse perpetuated in South Australia’s orphanages, Children’s Homes and Foster Care,” Ms Sheedy said. “We know of many Care Leavers who have received paltry amounts from the South Australian Government for the horrific abuse they suffered in South Australian institutions and foster care.

“Mr Rau referred to the Royal Commission, quite unfairly, as Johnny-come-latelies who are all care and no responsibility. “This is an astounding and insensitive comment by a senior member of South Australia’s government. The Royal Commission has provided thousands of people across Australia with the opportunity to be heard and to be believed. “Mr Rau is clearly ignorant of the process underway and the importance of the Royal Commission’s work.

“CLAN believes the only fair and equitable way to tackle Redress is to create a National Independent Redress Scheme for survivors of all abuse, not just sexual abuse, and this scheme should be supported by the South Australian Government, regardless of compensation provided in the past.”

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