Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission

Contact Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission on 1800 019 343

The NT Legal Aid Commission is an independent statutory Commission and provides access to the law and legal assistance to people who are unable to afford the services of a private lawyer. Legal Aid in the NT usually only assists in matters that are before the Courts in the Northern Territory, but assistance can be given to apply for aid from another Commission in another State or Territory.

Initial assistance is provided by in-house lawyers employed by the Commission or private lawyers who will accept legal aid cases and are paid by the Commission. Any person is entitled to an initial advice session on any matter. This service is free.

If you are granted ongoing legal assistance you will be required to pay a small initial contribution. If the lawyer who assists you is employed by the Commission you have to pay your initial contribution to the Commission. If you are referred to a private lawyer you pay your initial contribution directly to that lawyer who then sends their bill to the Commission. You may be required to pay a further contribution at the end of your case which you pay directly to the Commission.

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