Open Place

This new and service co-ordinates and provides direct assistance to address the needs and issues of people who grew up in Victorian State care, helps people deal with the legacy of their childhood experiences and provides support to improve their health and wellbeing.

It is a service which is accessible, welcoming, open to ideas and to learning, accountable, inclusive and proactive.

The team works in collaboration with service users to deliver high quality, caring services for ‘Forgotten Australians' and their families. The service provides day to day support, life skills, records search and release, support groups, family reunions, counselling, peer support, support in accessing specialist services, financial assistance and advocacy.

The multi-disciplinary team of creative, flexible, professional practitioners are committed to the principles of the service:
* Showing humility and courage
* Being respectful and strengths oriented
* Committed to flexibility and integration
* Demonstrating accountability
* Working together and being inclusive
* Honoring diversity and being culturally sensitive

Contact: 1800 779 379 or visit

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