Senate Enquiry Review

Inquiry into implementation of the recommendations of the Lost Innocents and Forgotten Australian Reports

Lost Innocents is the 2001 report from the Inquiry into Child Migration. Forgotten Australians is the 2004 report which came out of the Inquiry into Children in Institutionalised Care, which was conducted by the Senate.

30 August 2008 was the 4th anniversary of the tabling of the Forgotten Australians report.   Lost Innocents was handed down 7 years ago, also in August.  The Senate Community Affairs Committee agreed that it was time for an update on how many of the recommendations in these reports have been implemented, and a review inquiry was set up for this purpose on 18 September 2009, to report back to the Senate by 25 June 2009.

The Committee invited organizations and individuals to submit submissions to the review and has also conducted hearings in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra.  CLAN was invited to give evidence at the hearings in Sydney on 7 April, and CLAN committee members Frank Golding and Jim Luthy gave evidence in Melbourne (30 March) and in Brisbane (6 April).

The Sydney hearings were held in Bankstown, where the CLAN office is located, and the Senators visited the office and spent time in the Orphanage Museum.

The submissions, including CLAN’s submission, and the transcripts of the public hearings can be read here

Information relating to Senate Committee inquiries can be located here

CLAN applauds the Senate committee for initiating the review, since to date almost none of the 39 recommendations in the Forgotten Australians report have been implemented.

CLAN calls on the Federal Government to implement key recommendations of Forgotten Australians including:

  • An Apology for the hurt, distress and abuse, and the harm caused – the very first recommendation of the report
  • Provision of dedicated, cross-state, counseling and support services
  • A redress scheme in all states.

On Thursday 25 June 2009, the Senate Community Affairs References Committee handed down their review in the Senate.  The report can be found here.  Many care leavers, mostly CLAN members, travelled from around Australia to be in Canberra for the handing down of the report.