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At this stage the WA Government does not fund any ongoing services to care leavers.  In May 2008, Redress WA was opened to those people who suffered abuse and/or neglect while in state care.  The WA Government funds several services in order to support eligible care leavers with the application process. This support includes counselling.

Redress WA provides a phone-based social work service through the call centre. This service can be accessed each weekday from 9:00am – 4:30pm. Redress WA applicants can receive phone-based support, information and referral to community based support services as required.

The contact number for this service is 1800 617 233.

Also, please note that although funding for application assistance has ceased, applicants can still add information to their application up the point of assessment.

They can do this either by contacting the social work service on the number provided or by sending the additional information marked CONFIDENTIAL to:

Redress WA
Locked Bag 6

For more information about Redress WA, click here.  You can also read about CLAN's support for Redress WA applicants by clicking here.

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