Terms of Reference


The Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse was released on 11th January 2013!

Six commissioners were appointed to the Royal Commission including CLAN Patron and Former Senator Andrew Murray.

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Click HERE to view an article from The Age/Sydney Morning Herald/Canberra Times (16/1) where CLAN states that Churches and Charities should pay compensation directly to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and the terms of reference of the Royal Commission should be broadened - Updated 16th January 2013 


The following is a letter from a CLAN member in response to the article that appeared in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Canberra Times (16/01/13)

Royal Commission - Abuse is abuse

I am writing in response to the below article and to support CLAN for calls for all forms of abuse and neglect to be included in the royal commission and redress for all forms of abuse and neglect.

As a NSW State Ward from the age of 2 years I suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well neglect of my health and dental care, plus being separated from my siblings. This has left a terrible legacy on me throughout my whole life.

The trauma I endured in the welfare system has lasted my whole life. I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. I have difficulties with relationships and just surviving with the treatment I endured. Due to the child labour of scrubbings floors, concrete and wooden for hours and hours I have had both my knees totally replaced. While in the orphanage I was locked in a cell in isolation for, many times and they called me by my number 16 and not by my name. Also I was denied a high school education as I spent all my days cleaning, scrubbing and doing unpaid labour instead of going to school.

The NSW government was my legal guardian they failed miserably, and I seek justice and reparation for damages caused to me whilst supposedly being taken care of. I was exploited and denied my Human Rights to basic education.

The NSW government as my legal parents failed in their duty of care to me.