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Welcome to CLAN

Care Leavers Australasia Network (CLAN) is a national, independent, peak membership body which represents, supports and advocates for people who were raised in Australian and New Zealand Orphanages, Children's Homes & Foster Care. CLAN has been operating since 2000, and has offices in Sydney and Melbourne. CLAN understands that being raised without your own family has lifelong effects which require lifelong support services.

CLAN offers free telephone counselling to any Care Leaver or a family member of a Care Leaver. You do not need to be a member to speak to one of our counsellors. 

CLAN also offers face to face counselling but this is only for Care Leavers who live in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Police are investigating allegations of abuse at Sydney's Metropolitan Boys' Shelter during the 1970s.

Sydney Boys' Shelter Abuse Claims Examined <-- Click here to view article 


Attention Clannies!

CLAN had received a membership in late May, 2017. We do not know who has payed because the reference says:

- The Willows

If this was yours, could you please contact CLAN on 1800 008 774.

Thank you.





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CLAN Joins National Redress Independent Advisory Council

CLAN will represent the voice of Care Leavers on the newly established National Redress Independent Advisory Council. 


CLAN will also continue to advocate for redress for all forms of abuse.