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Welcome to CLAN

CLAN is a support, advocacy, research and training network for people who grew up in Australian orphanages, children's Homes, foster care and other institutions. CLAN understands that being raised without your own family has lifelong effects which require lifelong support services.

CLAN offers free telephone and face to face (if in NSW or VIC) counselling, help to obtain your records, help to write your story and a bi-monthy newsletter containing all the latest information for Care Leavers



UNSW Forgotten Australians LOFA Study (Long-term Outcomes of Forgotten Australian's Study)

CLAN was not involved in planning this survey and was excluded from its development. We have some serious ethical and practical concerns and have discussed these with the University, but it seems no changes will be made to address our concerns.

Care Leavers should be aware that some past providers are backing this project as partners. Be aware too that some of the questions you will be asked will involve recall of memories that may cause traumatic experiences from childhood.

CLAN does not believe that Care Leavers will gain the benefits claimed by the benefits claimed by the project. However, it is up to you to make your own decision whether to participate.

CLAN does NOT support individuals or any other organisation's fund raising linked to CLAN's name without the CLAN Committee 's authorisation.




Royal Commission Support

We can support you with the Royal Commission! Please Remember The Royal Commission Closes on Friday 30th of September 2016.

If you need support to go to the Royal Commission please get in touch with CLAN on 1800 008 774 and we can support you through this process!

You don't need to suffer in silence!